About This Blog

This Blog will be my sounding board to the world. It contains posts on any and every thing I find of interest. I am a very unique individual and this Blog will be a reflection of who I am. That being said, I plan to focus the majority of posts on three main topics:

  • Technology - I am a geek who loves gadgets and I am not afraid to say it
  • Entertainment - I am an avid Hip-Hop Head who DJ'ed and Rapped in my youth
  • Trading - This is something I have dabbled at now and again but would like to make a focus in my later years

I crave knowledge and my motto is:

I try to learn a little about a lot of things

I am always willing to share anything I have learned so if you have questions about something feel free to get in touch.

About Me


I grew up in the city of Detroit, Michigan near Linwood Ave where I attended Cass Technical High School with a focus on Electronics. I went on to attain my Electrical Engineering Degree from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. I have also attained an MBA from the University of Phoenix by taking satellite classes in Detroit and finishing up in the Dallas Fort Worth area where I now reside.

Making a Living

I have only worked for General Motors Corporation. I began as a high school co-op and continued through college and after graduation. I am currently the Lead Industrial Controls Engineer at the Arlington, Texas assembly plant where we build all of the full size SUV's (Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Escalade). I enjoy my job but I am hoping to diversify my income and hopefully retire when I can still enjoy it. This blog is a step in that direction as I plan to document my journey into the world of trading, internet marketing, and programming.

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